Animal Life

„Animal Life“

Nest boxes, bird feeders, feed squirrels, huts for bats, hedgehogs, insects, etc.

Garden Trend

„Garden Trend“

All kind of wooden pots and planters, beds, boxes, baskets and various wooden garden decorations.

Home Deco

„Home Deco“

Wall, table, windows decorations, wooden boxes and baskets, various wooden furniture, shelves, displays.

Christmas World

„Christmas World“

Handmade natural Christmas trees and wreaths made of lichens twigs, moss, pine, fir and other materials, various wooden Christmas decorations.

About us

VERS DEKO was founded in 2008, by making various Christmas decorations made of dried and natural plants. This range was called “Christmas World”. Our first customers included companies from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Since the beginning of our company, we have participated in the International Frankfurt exhibition “Christmas World” and Essen exhibition “IPM”. It opened the doors for us to the European market. Once the market and demand for various products started growing, VERS DEKO launched new ranges of wooden products, such as “Animal Life”, “Home Deco”, “Garden Trend”.

In 2013 the company bought new buildings, as well as new equipment and started the process of production modernization. Since then the quality of products improved, production quantity increased, which means that now we are fulfilling orders quicker. The local materials that we use in the making of ours.

Exceptionally designed and handmade decor products made of natural materials that make your home cozy and warm. This range is based on current décor trends. The variety of products range from autumn to winter decorations.